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The fantastic Cybathlon returns in 2020

The gates of the SWISS Arena in Kloten near Zurich will be opened for the continuation of the CYBATHLON on 2–3 May 2020, when exciting races and challenging tasks will await pilots and spectators for the second time. Races in six Disciplines After the six disciplines of the CYBATHLON 2016 have proven themselves, they will remain in the programme of…

Cybathlon 2016

Cybathlon, the first Olympic Games for bionic athletes, was hosted on 8 October 2016, in Kloten, Switzerland. This world premiere saw 74 international disabled athletes – kitted out with bionic prostheses and brain-computer interfaces – compete with each other at the specially created events. These modern-day cyborgs from 25 different countries competed in 59 different teams from all over the world. The…

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