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The Imperative of Social Return on Investment Measure

Like countless others, I firmly believe in the balance of negatives and positives. Despite the myriad challenges and uncertainties facing our world, it’s crucial to recognize the significant and transformative shifts taking place in society. These changes offer ample reasons for optimism and hope for humanity’s future. However, if we aspire to build a sustainable society grounded in these positive…

Is Your Doctor Virtually Moving In With You?

Robotics for Medicine and Healthcare is considered the domain of systems able to perform coordinated mechatronic actions (force or movement exertions) based on the processing of information acquired through sensor technology to support the functioning of impaired individuals, medical interventions, care and rehabilitation of patients and also to support individuals in prevention programs. Still, with voice-enabled artificial intelligence, tech engagement…

Just Digital Patient Engagement Or Full Active Participation?

Patients should have access to their medical records online by 2018. By 2020, this should have evolved into a digital patient engagement solution as health and social care achieve “paperless at the point of care” working practices. But is it just about engagement, or should we prepare more for active participation and ownership of health concerns and issues? Digital Transformation of…

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