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The fantastic Cybathlon returns in 2020

The fantastic Cybathlon returns in 2020

The gates of the SWISS Arena in Kloten near Zurich will be opened for the continuation of the CYBATHLON on 2–3 May 2020, when exciting races and challenging tasks will await pilots and spectators for the second time.

Races in six Disciplines

After the six disciplines of the CYBATHLON 2016 have proven themselves, they will remain in the programme of CYBATHLON 2020 – however, there will be new exciting challenges. While the tasks will continue to be relevant to everyday life, they will reflect advances in research. This means that visitors and pilots can look forward to the further developed Brain-Comp

uter Interface Race, Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race, Powered Arm Prosthesis Race, Powered Leg Prosthesis Race, Powered Exoskeleton Race as well as the Powered Wheelchair Race.

Two-day competition, attractive supporting programme and scientific symposium

2020 the CYBATHLON championship is planned as a two-day event. On the first day the qualification rounds will take place, with the finals on the second day. Just like in the premiere championship, there will be an attractive supporting programme, wherein the visitors can try out the disciplines for themselves and understand the issues surrounding disability in a practical way.

The fact that CYBATHLON is more than a competition is also reflected in the activities surrounding the competition weekend. On Wednesday, 29th April 2020, a symposium is taking a closer look at the technologies in each discipline from a scientific point of view.

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