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Community Intelligence Services

We're a unique UK service enhancing community empowerment through informatics. By providing local business intelligence and resources, we aim to inspire people-led innovation and entrepreneurship for substantial social, economic, and environmental progress.

Enabling Engagement with Assets

We offer a community resource and asset profiling and mapping service to enable essential connections with assets and resources to become established to help bolster service, and community development and place-making efforts.

Measuring Social Impact and Value

We provide Social Return on Investment (SROI) metrics, grounded in extensive academic research covering key determinants of well-being across health, care, education, welfare, and community safety.

All About the Place

All About The Place offers tailored data and informatics reporting and profiling to community buildings, place developers, public sector entities, and local businesses.

6 Million UK Community Assets

Enabling the broadest levels of engagement and collaboration

1,000 Social Impact / Value Measures

A new way to understandign social impact and value

Place Data For The Whole UK

Voluntary Community, Social Enterprise, Business and Public Sector

Bespoke Data And Service

Tailorable for any place, theme, or requirement for maximum benefit.

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