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Our Services

We specialise in providing comprehensive community intelligence and project services tailored to enhance health and social well-being development initiatives. By leveraging cutting-edge data analytics and innovative project management techniques, we help organisations transform services and spaces to improve lives and create lasting impact. Let us help you turn your vision for community well-being into a reality.

Community Intelligence Services

Offering intelligence on community assets, assessing social impact and value metrics, and delivering customised data compilation and reporting services perfectly aligned with the unique needs of your project or initiative.

Place Development Enablement Services

Project enablement services that foster collaboration among individuals, community services, and both public and private sectors. Our goal is to promote a holistic approach to placemaking and community well-being development, ensuring inclusivity in the co-design and delivery of sustainable solutions.

Who We Support and How

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Social innovators and entrepreneurs are playing a pivotal role in community development by crafting creative solutions focusing on areas such as education, healthcare, economic development, and environmental sustainability, they are helping to create more inclusive and resilient communities. Their work tackles immediate issues and fosters long-term social change by empowering communities and building capacities for self-reliance and future growth. Through their innovative approaches, social entrepreneurs inspire others and catalyse further social innovations, leading to a cumulative impact that significantly transforms communities.

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At the heart of our support for community action is the belief that those who are closest to the issues are best equipped to devise and implement solutions. Our services are designed to help increase the engagement of a diverse range of voices and stakeholders, including marginalised or underrepresented groups to ensure initiatives are inclusive and reflective of the community’s collective aspirations and needs.

By utilising our data services to foster greater collective effort manifested through volunteering, community organising, public forums, and partnerships with local governments, non-profits, and local business assets, we harness the power of collaboration to create meaningful and lasting change.

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We champion the creation of dynamic networks among voluntary communities, social enterprises, and business sectors, recognising their crucial role in catalysing the diverse benefits of a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures innovation, resilience, and sustainable growth. These networks are pivotal for creating a collaborative landscape where the exchange of knowledge, resources, and best practices empowers all members to collectively enhance their strength and impact.

For voluntary communities and social enterprises, such networks mean more than just access to business expertise and funding opportunities; they represent a chance to expand their reach and deepen their impact on society, ensuring their efforts are both effective and enduring.

For the business sector, engaging with these communities and enterprises opens pathways to environmental and social initiatives, forging deeper connections with society and contributing significantly to holistic well-being and development.

Cross-sector partnerships stand at the heart of societal transformation, offering a unified strategy to tackle complex challenges such as poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation.

By aligning objectives and combining resources, we facilitate the birth of innovative, scalable, and adaptable solutions, paving the way for a future where economic, social, and environmental goals are achieved in concert.

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A key strategic aim of the public sector is to enhance early intervention and prevention capabilities by deploying community service provisions. This proactive strategy relies on offering a spectrum of community-based services designed to be both accessible and tailored to meet the diverse needs of the population. It underscores the importance of collaboration among healthcare providers, educational institutions, social services, and community organisations. Through sustained preventative measures, the goal is to enhance the overall quality of life, reduce long-term social care and health costs, and create more resilient communities.

In support of this strategy, we provide detailed community-level intelligence covering available service provisions, local assets, and potential contributions from anchor institutions through community wealth-building initiatives. Our services help maximise social value and accelerate delivery by significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of engagements and collaborations.

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