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Join the fight to save Net Neutrality

The Internet is in fact a connection of over 70,000 networks, that exchangedata with each other, these networks are managed by a range of Internet ServiceProviders, content providers like YouTube and what are referred to as backboneproviders that just provide connectivity services to other networks. The internet was founded on the principle that companies shouldn’toptimise the connections of those willing…

UK Government Digital Services Identity Assurance Initiative Vital for Digital Healthcare

The National Audit Office (NAO) has published its independent research report on Digital by Default objectives, which is based on sound assumptions about the preferences, capabilities, and needs of the citizens of England. The report is based on independent research established from the viewpoints of over 3,000 people surveyed face-to-face, 130 businesses surveyed online, and eight focus groups across England….

In This Digital Age, We Should Be Thanking Social Networking Providers.

Staff and organisation culture has often been identified as an inhibiting factor of efforts to develop public sector information governance capability and standards. Some suggest cultural issues stem from the fact that the majority of the workforce has had to adapt and learn to use computers and information systems, largely through trial and error. Training historically has focused on addressing…

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